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Below you will find a selection of testimonials we have received about our work...

"Nigel is an excellent web designer; he is bringing together our patchy ideas and making something special out of them. He takes time to listen to what we want and suggest different ways of getting it done. Excellent value for money."
Juanita Harrington - Swift Plant Spares - 18th March 2015
"Nigel came recommended to us by someone who's opinion we regard highly. We were not disappointed. Nigel took the 'back of a fag packet' ideas we had and turned them into a fully functioning, easily accessible website with such a good system for 'mere mortals' to add webpages and content. When one of the ladies who came along (to be shown how to add her own pages to our community site) said at the end "Is that all there is to it? I never though it would be that easy!" Her comment says it all. We now have over thirty groups using our community website and after five minutes in front of a computer they become proficient in controlling their own web content. Which is exactly what we wanted from day one. In particular, the calendar works like a dream. Thank you Nigel! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"
Andy Wade - Oakworth Village Society - 9th March 2012 (system developed 2010/2011)
"I worked with Nigel on a Usability study of the Sheffield Hallam University Website. I found him professional, easy to chat to and a good communicator. He operates with integrity and efficiency and was a pleasure to work with. He set up the Accessify Forum which is arguably the single most influential resource on the web for accessibility, demonstrating that one man can make a measurable difference to the web. I highly recommend him for his commitment to clients and users of the web."
Phil Smears - sdesign1 Ltd - 29th January 2010
"Nigel is one of the best software developers I've ever worked with, able to join the creative conversation at the beginning of a project and understand things from a user's point of view, then take those ideas and produce clean and simple software. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"
Melvyn Newton - Bradford LINk - 26th January 2010
"Nigel made a complex questionnaire design work seamlessly on the web (before the days of surveymonkey etc). He was able to understand the brief and not only implement it as required, but also tweak and improve it where necessary. He brilliant at troubleshooting file transfers once the data had been collected and ensured that time spent inputting data was eliminated so that the more important analysis could be carried out to time. Since my time working on the Graduates Yorkshire projects with him, we have stayed in touch and he is now a wonderful ally in designing systems which work with people's information, allowing business goals to be fulfilled. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time"
Fiona Murray (nee Wilson) - Sheffield University - 25th January 2010 (systems developed from 2003 to 2006)
"We've been fans of MIS Web Design for over five years during which time the company has created, built, maintained or altered over 80 websites on our behalf for niche markets throughout the world. Everything still works perfectly - what more needs to be said?"
accident999.info - 12th October 2007
"In an industry full of technical advice, jargon, algorithms etc MIS have provided us with that vital missing link - practical experience. It's not the theory that pays the bills, it's the application. So if it's results you're after we can thoroughly recommend MIS Web Design."
Paul Clendon - Keep the Heat On - 24th February 2006
"For a relatively young site, the articles section of MIS Web Design is already showing maturity. This site really does encompass everything a Webmaster or budding Webmaster will need to set up their site, from tips and tricks to how to market your site. These articles are written by professionals and are free, which gives you even more reasons to visit MIS Web Design!"
Damian Carvill, Wrox Press - 2003
"I was looking for a bespoke script solution that had baffled myself and others. I needed it at a realistic cost being a one man operation. It wasn't easy but MIS Web Design delivered a cost effective solution and made sure it worked. Great service!"
Malcolm Cooper - Cotswold Internet - 22nd July 2003
"The Content Management System created and built by MIS Web Design has provided On-Water with a wonderful tool with which to load and edit our stock of boats quckly and efficiently. Highly Recommended."
Matthew Gilder - On Water - 23rd July 2003
"Nigel Peck has readers hanging on his every word! Feedback to Part 1 of his XHTML Web Design series (published back in January) is *still* rolling in thick and fast: "Excellent! Waiting for the more advanced followup.", "Good and short, let's see the rest.", "Good information! Looking forward to part 2." Never in SitePoint history has the feedback been so consistent in telling the author to keep writing! How does he do it? Nigel's article was the ultimate Part 1 to a series. After an introduction to the concepts of this technology, Nigel jumped in a got his (readers!) hands dirty. Then he began a detailed explanation of the basics of XHTML. His writing was concise, his article logical, and most importantly, readers could tell from what he said that Nigel had a real passion for his topic! Nigel's article inspired his readers -- as the feedback shows -- and left them wanting more. His plethora of examples demonstrated to readers exactly what they could achieve by continuing with the series... so they've been demanding a follow-up ever since. Nigel didn't skimp on his first article. Had he kept information from the reader, hoping to string them out until the second part of the series, they would have been disappointed. Few would have bothered coming back for more. But his generosity with the information, coupled with his enthusiasm, and the excellent presentation of his teachings has proven to be a compelling formula. We're looking forward to seeing how readers respond when we publish Part 2 later this month."
Georgina - editor at SitePoint.com - 17th March 2003

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