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XHTML Web Design for Beginners: Comments

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This section of the site features articles published between 2002 and 2004. They remain here for reference purposes and may contain information that is out of date.

The first and second parts of my article XHTML Web Design for Beginners have proved to be very popular. Below you will find some of the comments that we've received.

"Great thank you. Very clear. Now moving on to part II. One or two typos however! A minor quibble but personally I always notice such things! THanks again."
Jacqueline , London, UK - 1st April 2003
"Your tutorial was extremely helpful and didn't mock me for my lack of knowledge on the subject. It's nice to have someone explain things in simple terms for those of us who are not so technically inclined. Thanks!"
Rebecca, USA- 31st March 2003
"I have experience using HTML but not XHTML, have found this tutorial very useful, much better then some of the rubbish available on the net."
Maz, Manchester, UK - 18th March 2003
"Very well written and understandable. Thank you!"
Jack, Florida, USA - 12th March 2003
"Thank you for your tutorial on XHTML. Your style of instruction is of great benefit to so many!"
Dorothy, Florida, USA - 4th March 2003
"You are continuing to develop excellent materials! The content is thorough. The page design is elegant and easy to read. I understand how much time it can take to create these materials because I wrote a textbook on XHTML last year."
Terry Felke - Author of Web Developer Foundations: Using XHTML - 21st February 2003
"This is good! And, it happens to be very timely. Recently gave a class, an overview of Accessibility of Web Pages. Some of the those in the class are eager to learn more about XHTML."
Laurie, Maryland, USA - 21st February 2003
"Your article at Sitepoint - 'XHTML Web Design for Beginners-Part 1' is superb. When do we get the next Part."
Jamshed, Mumbai, India - 4th February 2003
"This fantastic I had no clue what it is all about.Thanks for your introduction and site."
Albie, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa - 18th January 2003
"Great!!! More Please Thanks"
Darren, Hong Kong, China - 14th January 2003
"Please inform me when part II is released. Yes, I found the informations useful. Didn't think I would understand it, but you did a great job and I did get it."
Kurt, Kansas, USA - 4th January 2003