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XHTML Web Design for Beginners: Feedback from SitePoint

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This section of the site features articles published between 2002 and 2004. They remain here for reference purposes and may contain information that is out of date.

I was pleased to recieve the following feedback from Georgina, editor at SitePoint.com, in the March SitePoint Scribe.

Feedback Of The Month - XHTML Web Design for Beginners Part 1

Nigel Peck has readers hanging on his every word!

Feedback to Part 1 of his XHTML Web Design series (published back in January) is *still* rolling in thick and fast:

"Excellent! Waiting for the more advanced followup."

"Good and short, let's see the rest."

"Good information! Looking forward to part 2."

Never in SitePoint history has the feedback been so consistent in telling the author to keep writing! How does he do it?

Nigel's article, located at http://www.sitepoint.com/article/1010, was the ultimate Part 1 to a series. After an introduction to the concepts of this technology, Nigel jumped in a got his (readers!) hands dirty. Then he began a detailed explanation of the basics of XHTML.

His writing was concise, his article logical, and most importantly, readers could tell from what he said that Nigel had a real passion for his topic!

Nigel's article inspired his readers -- as the feedback shows -- and left them wanting more. His plethora of examples demonstrated to readers exactly what they could achieve by continuing with the series... so they've been demanding a follow-up ever since.

Nigel didn't skimp on his first article. Had he kept information from the reader, hoping to string them out until the second part of the series, they would have been disappointed. Few would have bothered coming back for more. But his generosity with the information, coupled with his enthusiasm, and the excellent presentation of his teachings has proven to be a compelling formula.

We're looking forward to seeing how readers respond when we publish Part 2 later this month.

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