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Beers Design is a web design studio serving clients in Gwinnett County, throughout Atlanta metro, and all around the world. I work closely with you through every step of the process, ensuring that you get a professional website that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. I believe in building custom website solutions that truly reflect your business. Websites that communicate directly to your target audience and help you reach your goals. WordPress ensures that every site has state-of-the-art technology and is easy for you to use.

Beers Design Websites for Small Business
I am loving my site. I got excited last night going through everything you have put in, especially the mobile homes for sale sections in Apple Ridge and Jackson. They are just what I am looking for, and this is where my web site should allow me to make some money, too. Keep up the good work.

Beers Website Design

  • Modern, effective designs
  • Easy content management
  • Tailored to your audience
  • Responsive (mobile friendly)
  • Search engine optimized code
  • Designed for a great user experience

WordPress Content Management

  • Quick and easy to learn and use
  • No special skills or software needed
  • Google loves WordPress
  • Perfect for any size website
  • Powers 30% of all websites worldwide
  • Used by People, Mercedes-Benz, TIME, and more

Consulting Services

  • Website structure and content planning
  • User experience planning and implementation
  • Social media strategy planning and training
  • Search engine optimization strategies
  • I help you make the most out of your resources

Support Hosting

  • Training videos and live phone/email assistance
  • Ongoing client support
  • WordPress and plugin updates
  • Content updates if desired (full service)
  • Hosting service and recommendations

A Gwinnett Web Design Company

Contact for more information. Beers Design offers web design in Gwinnett County GA, throughout Metro Atlanta, and around the world.


My name is Lisa Beers and I am the owner of Gwinnett web design company Beers Design. I have created hundreds of effective, unique websites since 1999.

As a business owner I understand that having a great website is critical. I believe that your website also needs to be super easy to use and update. I can help you get an expertly designed website that wows your visitors and uses today’s best technology. Plus, I am committed to making the whole process simple for you – from our first conversation to managing your new website.


This ensures clear, hassle-free communication and personalized service. Work with a service provider that understands your unique business and needs right here at home. I don’t outsource overseas, so you can be assured that your project will be handled by an experienced, local professional.


No middle men, message takers, or sales people. I’ve lived in Gwinnett county since 1996. My business is located here. When you work with me you get the benefits of my seventeen years of experience. Your time is valuable – clear, direct communication is key to your successful web design project.


Our competitive pricing means that you can afford a truly unique web presence created especially for your Gwinnett County business. Don’t settle for less when you don’t have to.


If you can use Word, you can use WordPress. Plus training is always included with every project. Of course, if you’d rather not bother, I am always happy to make your changes for you.


Whether your visitors access your website on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, your site will work – navigation menus, animations, images, everything. Any device, anywhere!

Whether you are a brand new Gwinnett County business needing your first website, or you need help redesigning an out-of-date or ineffective website, Beers Design is here to help. I’d love to speak with you today. Give me a call or submit our short contact form today for a free consultation and quote.

Starting a business from scratch was like boot camp that taught me invaluable lessons in running and growing a business. I’ve now been around long enough to know that every time you think you’re all set, you still have more to learn. It’s a good thing I love to learn new things all the time!

During all these years I’ve worked with individuals, small businesses and large non-profits. I believe that every business is unique and deserves a terrific website to help them achieve their goals and boost their brand.

Why Work With Beers Web Design?

The short answer is that I believe everyone should be able to have a great-looking, incredibly effective website, and that the whole entire process should be affordable and super easy.

My years of experience in building high quality websites, and my focus on personalization, will help you get an awesome website tailored to your unique business and objectives.

I don’t speak geek. I use plain language to explain everything. I have zero interest in impressing people with tech talk. I have 100% interest in making the process easy for you and removing your stress and confusion.

When you get a quote from me, you can count on it. I’m a consumer too and I HATE unexpected expenses. Over many years I developed a proven process for determining the appropriate scope (and cost) of a project. That means that once I send you a quote you can rest assured you won’t get hit up with unexpected extra fees.

I want you to feel confident updating your website. All my custom website projects include training at no additional cost. You get written, video, and live email/phone training on how to use and update your website. I truly want you to feel that this part is easy.

If you’re curious, if you’re sure you want to hire me, or if you just have questions.

Custom Website Design

Custom website design projects include everything you need for a successful website. We will be happy to provide you with a quote on your specific needs, so call us today at 404-380-1688 or contact us via the web. Make sure to also check out our web design portfolio.

Every custom website design project includes:

100% custom design – We’ll create a unique, made-from-scratch design to coordinate with any existing marketing you use, your logo, and your company colors. If you do not already have a look, we will work with you to develop one that reflects your business and target market.
Easy to use content management – Managing your own content couldn’t be easier. Your site will be powered by a secure, robust Content Management System that is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. You can quickly keep your site interesting and fresh!
Search engine optimized code – It’s imperative that your website is built “Google Friendly” by a company who has years of proven experience in building search engine friendly websites. Your website code will utilize the methods recommended  by Google.
Mobile device friendly – Every site by Beers Design uses technology and coding that is mobile friendly. Navigation menus, animations and other features in your website will work on today’s smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads.
Contact forms – Make sure your site visitors can reach you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Website visitors love contact forms, it makes it easy for them to request information from you. Website owners love contact forms, they deliver leads right into your email inbox!
Audio/video integration – Audio and video are sweeping the internet, and leveling the playing field for small and medium size business websites. Technology that used to be reserved for the largest corporations are now accessible to anyone, and we can add audio or video to your website that will supercharge your site’s competitive advantage!
Personalized training – Worried about how you’ll maintain your website and learn to update it? No problem. All custom website projects include training: a customized document providing you with tips, tricks, and detailed instructions on how to maintain your website; short, easy to understand training videos; and two hours of live hands-on training.
User-friendly – Your website will be designed in look and function specifically for your industry and audience. Intuitive navigation menus, clean and modern layout, and fast loading pages are just some of the considerations that go into every project to ensure that people enjoy visiting your website.
Dynamic features – Take advantage of the latest technologies to make your website more exciting and easier to maintain. Features like animated banners, event calendars, beautiful photo galleries, RSS feeds, forms, and blogs are implemented to look great, but also be easily updated.
Full installation and setup – Every project includes full installation and setup of the content management system and all needed programming on your chosen hosting server.
Projects of any size – No website project is too big or too small! Past projects range from small brochure sites with only a few pages, to large enterprise websites with thousands of pages. Every client and project is unique and important, and gets the personalized attention they deserve.
I worked with Lisa Beers for several years and she receives my highest of recommendations for all things Web especially WordPress Designs & Implementation. Lisa goes above and beyond to help her clients, has the highest level of integrity and knows the meaning of customer support (something hard to find these days!). She has a full understanding of not just the basics of WordPress but of the SEO and mechanics behind what the real purpose of having a website and blog is. She is quick to respond to requests and stands behind all the work that she does. If you are looking for a website or blog – look no further. – Laura Lee Sparks

What to do now

Request a quote or call us at 404-380-1688 to start a conversation. We’ll gather the details about your needs, then you’ll receive an accurate quote for your project. Don’t worry if you’re not in the United States, we have lots of international clients and Skype offers us an easy way to connect live to discuss your project.

We make it really easy to get a terrific website! If you have been waiting for the right time, or the right website design company, there’s good news – You’ve found it!

Request a quote or call 404-380-1688 and let’s get started today. 

Custom WordPress Theme For Blogs

Blogging is a powerful tool for digital marketing — a “must-have” in today’s world. A great-looking, well-coded custom WordPress theme is a critical part of maximizing the impact of your blog.

  • You need a unique look to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.
  • Having the same old theme that everyone else has is unprofessional!
  • A custom theme will focus on your goals and message, boosting conversion rates.

The best platform for blogging is WordPress. WordPress is limited only by your imagination and I can help you bring your vision to life. We can create a new, unique design from scratch, or a theme to match your existing website. 

I have been building blogs and websites using WordPress since 2004, shortly after it was first released. Put my experience to work for you! I am happy to fulfill your specific requirements, but maybe you don’t have a clear idea of what you want. No problem! We can work together and figure out exactly what you need. I have proven processes for making the whole process easy for you. 

My service covers everything you need to get the maximum benefits from your blog. Let me take care of all the hard stuff for you!

Every project includes:

Custom graphic design – We’ll work with you to determine the right look, layout and features for your blog, then design a completely unique theme.
WordPress Installation or Upgrade – We install the WordPress platform on the hosting servers of your choice. We can host your blog, or you can use your preferred providers. (Or, you are always welcome to use your own hosting company as long as they support WordPress and all the functionality you desire.)
Plugins and features – We’ll set up the bells and whistles that supercharge your WordPress blog. Some are designed to make using your blog easier for you, some help your blog visitors subscribe and share your blog with others, and some add technical components in a way that’s so easy to use you’ll be amazed! Note: Not all plugins are created equally, and there’s a lot of very bad and unstable plugins out there. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you, and you’ll have a high quality, stable blog site.
Search engine optimized code – It’s imperative that your website is built “Google Friendly” by a company who has years of proven experience in building search engine friendly websites. Your website code will utilize the methods recommended  by Google.
Full control with Widgets – All custom themes are “widgetized,” so you will have control over what elements appear in your sidebar, and in what order. Based on your unique needs, widgets can be used for a variety of areas of your blog, giving you maximum control over your content without ever touching any code. You control the content, the theme will make sure it looks great!
Mobile device friendly – Every site by Beers Design uses technology and coding that is mobile friendly. Navigation menus, animations and other features in your website will work on today’s smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads.
Personalized training – Worried about how to use your blog? No problem. All custom website projects include training: a customized document providing you with tips, tricks, and detailed instructions on how to maintain your website; short, easy to understand training videos; and two hours of live training.
And much more – As experts in developing WordPress blog themes, we can utilize the full power of this platform to create the blog of your dreams. Just contact us to discuss your needs!

Why choose Beers Design

Although blogging is simple to do, many people are intimidated by the technology. Actually, blogs using WordPress can be extremely easy to use, even for the most novice user. WordPress is a wonderfully simple content management system, and allows anyone to add valuable content to their site with a minimal learning curve, if it’s set up correctly for them to begin with.

However, most businesses do not have the know-how to get a full featured blog set up and running. As easy as a WordPress is to work with, setting up a custom installation is not a task that most people can perform without specialized software and know-how.

That’s where we come in. We make sure your blog is extremely easy to use, and has all the features you need. In essence, we do all the “heavy lifting” and “technical stuff” to configure your blog so that it’s a breeze for you to use!

At Beers Design, we have years of extensive experience in WordPress and WordPress theme creation. We can make your blog look just like you want it to and do exactly what you need it to.

It’s really easy to get your custom blog! If you have been waiting for the right time, the right price, or the right design company, there’s good news – You’ve found it! Contact us now for a quote.

Other Services

Get a WordPress blog theme to match your existing website
We have developed many custom themes for individuals and businesses who needed their blog to match their existing website, even other web firms! Below are some samples of our work, showing the existing site and the theme created to match. (Click any image to enlarge it.) Contact us for a quote on a matching theme.

Looking for an inexpensive way to stand out?
If you need a unique look but don’t need or have the budget for a fully custom WordPress theme, we offer the solution you need. Get a semi-custom theme.

Run Your Own Membership Website

Membership websites are a great way to build a successful online business, but setting one up can be a real challenge. Beers Design can design your website and set up the membership software you need.

There are many reasons to add a member’s only area to your website, such as offering a secure client area or delivering digital books, audios and videos to your customers. We have many years of experience assisting clients with creating membership websites and will be happy to explain your options and all of the powerful features this type of website can offer you.

The tools I use are easy to learn, and let you focus on creating your content and running your business, without getting bogged down with technical mumbo-jumbo.

Features Include:

Website design and development – Our membership websites include all the features and benefits of our web design services, plus everything you expect and want for a great member experience and robust member management and content protection, such as:
Unlimited Membership Levels – Your membership site can have as many “levels” as you want. So if you want “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”, you can! You can charge more for a higher level of access – all within the same site.
Flexible Membership Options – You have the ability to create Free, Trial or Paid membership levels (and any combination of all three).
Sequential Content Delivery – You may want to graduate your members from one level to the next. For example, members start at Module 1 and after 30 days they are automatically upgraded to Module 2.
Control Viewed Content – If you don’t want your members to see content they don’t have access to, just click the “Hide” button. This works REALLY well if you have a “modular” membership and only want people in Module 1 to see“Module 1 and not Module 2,3,4,5 etc.
Shopping Cart Integration – Seamless integratation with the most popular shopping cart systems including PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, ClickBank, and many more.
Multi-Level Access – Go beyond just a membership site as you can easily give your members access to multiple levels within your membership (this works well if you’d like to create a central download location).
Total Content Protection – You have the ability to determine exactly what your members can access. You can even drill down and grant access to specific posts, pages, categories and comments for each membership level. The possibilities are endless!
Subscription Length Control – With this feature you can control the length of time each member has access to your membership site. Now you can automatically expire a membership after 3 days, 7 days or whatever time period you want.
Login Redirection – If you would like to control the first page your members see when they login, now you can. The best part is, you can have a different redirection page for each membership level. It’s perfect for adding welcome messages, updates, news and so much more.
“Sneak Peak” Content Display – Protecting your content is extremely easy because everything after the “more” tag is automatically protected for members only. So an eye-grabbing post title, combined with a compelling opening paragraph is more than enough to wet the appetite of non-members!
Custom Error Pages – When a person tries to access content they don’t have permission to view, they will be taken to an error page. Now you can determine what that page will be. This gives you the chance to encourage them to register or upgrade to a different membership level.
Partial Content Display – Let’s say you want the majority of a post to be displayed for non-members except for one sentence. With the Partial Content Display feature you can hide that “secret sentence” so that it only displays the “secret sentence” for your members.
Much, Much More! There is a wide variety of additional features that expand the way you can use WordPress to build and grow your membership site. Plus, they’re always adding more based on suggestions from their customers.

Need Affordable Web Design?

Now you can get high quality, professional, and affordable web design for your start-up or small business! Beers Design provides the a budget-conscious service you need. You can put our 15 years of experience to work for you –  all for an unbelievable low cost!

I make it super simple for you, start to finish

Worried it will be hard to get your website up and running? Overwhelmed and confused? I understand your top priority is growing your business. You wear a lot of hats and don’t have time to deal with complicated website stuff. I get it. That’s exactly why I am happy to help you get your website up — quickly, easily, and at a very low cost. Now there is no reason to wait, let me help you today!

You want a stunning website. You want it to be drop-dead simple to manage. You want the process to be easy and stress-free. But you have a tight budget.

Your solution has arrived: Now you can have an amazing website that’s easy to update for a shockingly low cost!

I’ve been creating highly effective websites for over 14 years. I’ve completed hundreds of successful projects. My clients range from bloggers to corporations. I love helping clients get an exceptional website that works for them. I love to hear how easy the process was, and all the wonderful feedback they get. It’s why I love what I do!

But many companies and individuals were contacting me in need of a professional, unique, easy to use but affordable website — but they simply could not afford one. These are quality people with outstanding businesses, and the world needs what they offer! But they were stuck. Stuck without a website, or with a website that doesn’t work the way it should.

So  I had an epiphany. If I get the most pleasure from helping great businesses get an exceptional online presence, why not make the WHOLE process easy, including the cost? Why not offer all my years of experience to everyone who needs it?

The answer was so simple. I created a professional, complete affordable web design package anyone can afford.

Easy to get up and running – Just answer a few simple questions about your business and I’ll do the rest! You can take advantage of my proven systems for determining exactly what you need from your website. You’ll get a unique website that’s packed with features and ready for your content.
Easy to manage – Your website will be powered by a world-class content management system that is super simple to use. Power + simplicity = success! PLUS, you’ll get access to written and video training resources that will quickly teach you everything you need to know.
Easy marketing – Easy SEO? Yes! Calls to action? Yes! Email signup forms? Yes! Blogging? Yes! Social media integration? Yes! Your website will include all the best tools that today’s technology offers.
Easy on the wallet – You will have a choice of layout options and I will tailor your website’s header, colors, background and fonts according to your branding and preferences.

You get a choice of professionally designed layout options

You can select from six layout options that are expertly designed for maximum results!

  • Your site will start with the right layout option — and then the magic starts! (Don’t worry, I can help you choose the best option for your business and goals.)
  • I will tailor the header, background, colors and fonts to your branding and preferences.
  • Using these options as a starting point ensure you get the best features and coding for the lowest possible price, while the customization ensures that your site will be truly unique!

Gwinnett Web Designers FAQs

Are there any additional costs or fees?
No, there are no hidden costs. You will need a domain name, but our affordable web design package covers your full site development and our webmaster/hosting package covers all hosting, email addresses and provides the support you need. I don’t like surprises any more than you do, so I’ll never hit you with unexpected costs.

Do I have to sign up for the webmaster/hosting package to get a website from you?
No. You can choose any hosting company you want. However, I can be certain that your site will run smoothly and securely when you use my hosting. I also know that all of the features and plugins of your website will work perfectly. If your hosting account does not fully support WordPress and it’s plugins your website will not run properly, or at all.

How will I learn to make changes on my website?
WordPress is extremely easy to learn and use. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress without any problem. Plus, just to make sure that you are confident and well equipped, step-by-step written instructions and how-to videos are provided for no extra cost. If you sign up for the webmaster/hosting package you will also have access to 20 minutes of support each month. This can be used for making changes or phone/email training. You can even learn how to create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device.

When my website is ready, what will I need to do?
I will take care of all the design customizations, installation and setup. When your website is ready you simply need to add your content. WordPress is totally web-based, so you will not need to buy or download any software. You can log in and manage your website from any web browser.

What if I want you to enter my content for me?
I encourage you to learn to use WordPress, and entering your initial content is a great way to do that. You will receive instructions and will be surprised by how easy it is! However, if you prefer to have me enter your content I’m glad to help for just $15 per page/post.

Will my site be found on Google?
Your website will be coded according to the standards outlined by Google, and will have many tools included to help you get ranked on Google.

I just need a blog, is this package for me?
Absolutely! All of the layout options can be used as a normal blog theme. They are also fully coded to power more traditional websites. You can even have a website with a blog. It’s up to you.

How are the themes customized to give me a unique look?
The header, background, colors, and fonts will be professionally tailored to your preferences to support or establish your branding.

How can I figure out which layout option is best for me?
Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which layout option is right for you. I can work with you to determine the best option to use.

Do I have to use the fancy home page?
Each layout option includes a template and plugins that will create a unique home page with animation. But if you prefer to not use these features, no problem!

What if I want changes to the layout?
This service covers the visual customization you’ll need, but if you want changes to the layout and structure of your website, I’ll be happy to assist. Additional fees may apply for layout and structural changes, but I will let you know the cost upfront.

What if I want a fully custom design and coded website, or features and layouts that aren’t available in this package?
You may be surprised at how customizing the layout choices can provide such a unique look, and many features you may want can likely be provided at no additional cost using plugins. However, if you have preferences and requirements that fall outside of this package, I can certainly create a 100% fully custom website for you starting at just $800. Contact me using the form below and we can decide which service level is right for you.

Website Hosting in Atlanta, Georgia

Support & Hosting in Georgia by Beers

The launch of your new website isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. Clients need ongoing support from a dependable vendor, and with over thirteen years in the business, Beers Design has a proven track record of long-term client relationships. Many clients have been with us for years! Whether you need updates to your site design, additional features, training and consulting, or dependable website hosting, Beers Design is just an email or phone call away.

Web Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Question that comes up frequently address future support and maintenance – what is needed and what’s available. The sites that we build do not require active maintenance, they are built to work without costly updates. However, clients need to know that someone is on their side if they have needs and questions down the road. Beers Design assists clients with any on-going support and maintenance they need, including:

  • Content updates – Although every site we build utilizes a content management system, some clients still prefer that someone else manages their content.
  • Design updates – You may need to re-brand with a new logo and/or colors. Your site can be updated if needed to reflect any branding changes you make.
  • Functionality updates – Often clients decide to add new feature and functionality to their site and need guidance and help with implementation. 
  • WordPress updates – The great folks at Automattic are constantly updating WordPress, and although there’s no need to update every time a new version comes out, it’s important to stay current. We offer a turn-key update service that includes full server and database backup, WordPress updates and updates to your site plugins.

When you choose Beers Design, you can rest assured you have a long-term partner who understands your needs and goals, and will be around (and qualified) to assist you well into the future. We can even work around your schedule as you are busy with everyday life things to do in Atlanta, Georgia.

About MIS Web Design Services

Graphic and web design
Client side development
Information architecture
Server side development
Content writing and editing
On-line and off-line marketing
Usability assesments and testing
Accessibility assesments and testing
+much more!


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Teserra Pool Builders specializes in custom pools in Orange County and surrounding areas.
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Rated the #1 private theme park VIP tour agency to Disney Resorts than any other tour company in the US.
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