The 10 Best Real Estate Agent Websites of this Decade

The 10 Best Real Estate Agent Websites of this Decade With IDX and CRM Builder

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Top 10 Real Estate Websites
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Best Websites for Real Estate Agents

When we browse the Internet, we typically visit a wide range of websites. These can be for mundane purposes like searching for the definition of a word, or for more serious purposes like dealing with your finances. You’ll notice that some websites give you a better experience than others. You can navigate them more easily, and it doesn’t take long to find what you’re looking for.

This also extends to real estate. Realtors can use a website to drive more traffic to their business and spread awareness in the local area using keyword targeting and other methods. Almost half of those interested in buying a home go to the Internet first, and this looks likely to increase as time goes on.

Some of the websites made by realtors are superior to others, and there are many reasons for this. Below you’ll find the 10 best ones, and you’ll soon be able to recognize why we’ve chosen them.

Top Real Estate Websites with IDX

The Best Realtor Websites

1. Joshua M. Barrins

This site is simple and brief. A photograph of the realtor and some listings provided in date order can be found on the website. Below these, you’ll find a search tool that allows you to narrow down the entire selection based on the elements you’re looking for.

2. Heidi Tate

When you arrive at this website, you’ll be greeted with everything in one place. This includes a list of the latest blogs, social media links, and client reviews. This content is great for SEO purposes and will help your site rank higher.

3. Fredrik Eklund

With a focus on celebrities, Fredrik’s website takes a smooth and slick approach with its design. It features a menu attached to the side of each page and a banner that catches the eye. Fredrik often provides web design assistance to other realtors.

4. Jason O’Beirne

This is a website that focuses on neat organization and features a range of buttons to take you to some of the pages on the site. Jason has included an overview of both himself and those who work with him so that people can find out what they need to know. This means that potential customers can have more confidence before doing business with you. If you implement this on your website, you should make sure to focus on demonstrating your value to customers.

5. Ryan Serhant

Upon visiting this famous realtor’s website, you’ll notice that it uses pop-ups to collect the email address of visitors in return for a newsletter. This is a quick and simple way to encourage people to connect with you and build rapport. You can then send them targeted content.

6. Jamie Tian

A major focus of Jamie’s website is the pictures. They are all as clear and as sharp as possible. This helps give the website a professional touch. Pop-ups are also used to encourage visitors to enter their email address and receive content such as freshly posted listings. The menu has been designed in a user-friendly way, and plenty of links are provided so that visitors can find out more.

7. John Tsai

With this website, there is a distinctively visual theme, which allows visitors to discover what John offers pleasantly and speedily. Visitors can get in touch using a chat function, which enables you to send a form to John’s team specifying when they can receive a callback. Using this approach can make it easier for potential clients to reach you.

8. Deborah Bernat

Deborah’s website has been made so that people can browse it as simply as possible. A search bar allows you to input the type of property you’re looking for, and the about section gives more information if visitors are interested. Some of the listings are also highlighted for various reasons.

9. Brandi Pratt

Here you’ll find a website that makes an impact with videos, rather than images. There are plenty of scenes from nature along with pleasant views of various homes. In common with many of the other websites featured in this article, you can use a search box to cut down on the time taken to find out about particular property types.

10. Katrina Campins

With a focus on the higher end of the market, Katrina’s site has a selection of professional photographs to allow visitors to see every detail. Again, you’ll notice another common feature, which is specially chosen listings. The site is also divided into sections for buyers and renters.

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