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Real Estate Content for Social Media: 10 Amazing Ideas

Nowadays, people use the Internet for everything, and that includes searching for a home to buy. They can find videos, articles, blogs, social media posts, and more. This allows them to accumulate lots of data about the exact type of property they’re looking for.

It’s now far more popular to use the Internet than it is to browse through paper listings, and that means it makes sense for realtors to be doing this as well. There is a massive audience of people just waiting to see your content and if you’re not reaching them you’re losing out. You can drive a lot of traffic by having your own website. Just make sure your site is up to speed.

To change this, here are 10 ideas you can develop for your purposes to help you crack the challenge of social media and boost your business. They’ll help you to increase the interactions on your posts, build the popularity of your brand, and be in the thoughts of your ideal buyers.

1. Adding value

Rather than just talking about your current listings, why not write a post with some solid advice and knowledge about the real estate industry. Something that could help potential buyers or sellers in their everyday lives.

You can make this even better by writing the article, sharing it, and then adding a personal commentary in the social media post or your website before you publish it. If people like what they’ll see, they’ll keep seeing more of your content.

2. Feature the best home

Every week, you can choose a home that you’re listing at the moment and identify it as your ‘top’ or ‘best’ home. Then you can emphasize certain features that people might be most interested in, and it could end up appearing in front of the ideal buyer and finally getting it sold.

3. Help the local area

Given that you’re based in a town or city, you can earn a good reputation by supporting the area you live in. That could mean doing some litter picking, taking part in initiatives being run by local people, or getting involved in a charity event. Do this without pitching or selling your services and people will see your business as worthy of their involvement.

4. Ask questions

Moving house is a complex and time-consuming process for both the person selling and the person that’s buying. Most people don’t move home that often, and so they always have plenty of questions that need to be answered. You can make it your role to do this by replying to their comments on public social media posts, setting up Q&A’s on your page, and checking whether anyone who gets in touch has any further questions they’d like to have answered.

5. Introduce your local area on video

When people are moving to a new location, it’s natural for them to want to find out as much about it as they can. What are the local amenities, what’s the architecture like, are there cultural events… Those are just some of the questions they might be thinking. You can help them out by giving a video overview of everything they need to know. By doing that, you’ll be seen as an authority in the area.

6. Measure opinions

One of the best ways to get engagements on social media is by testing people’s opinions. Clicking a button to vote on a list of options is far easier than typing a comment or watching a video. People don’t have to make an effort to do it. It also gets your brand name in front of more people.

7. Instructional posts

People are always looking for guidance for common problems. One unexpected but helpful way for realtors to attract potential customers is to assist with household concerns. That could include guidance on how to prepare for viewings, or what sellers need to do to get as high a valuation on their home as possible.

8. Success stories

Occasionally, you might like to share a recent property deal that you’ve successfully negotiated, so long as you get the client’s permission. You can provide an overview of the situation and write about your role in making it turn out well. This gives people social proof that you’re able to do what you promise.

9. Authenticity

Businesses don’t exist in the abstract. They are owned and operated by individuals. As a realtor, you could share something about your personal life so that people can see who the human is behind all the branding. For example, it could be some holiday photos or a nice dinner that you had with family.

10. Factual posts

People like to learn new things, but they tend to get bored easily as well. You can provide an entertaining way for them to discover information about the real estate industry and the area you operate in. For example, you could include some quirky details that don’t usually make it into property listings.

That’s It

Now that you’ve got these ideas, you can use them to boost your presence on social media and start attracting a lot more interest. The key is to be consistent and keep going. You can get started by first building a real estate website and linking all of your social media to it, so that as traffic comes, more people will check out your social media pages. You can start by checking out Miswebdesign for services on internet marketing, and web design.

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