Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation involves optimising your Web site to appear top of the Search Engine Results for words and phrases relevant to your business. A successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign ensure that your site appears high (ideally first) in the list of results returned by a search engine such as Google.

Search Engines are the primary source of visitors for nearly every site on the web. If your site can’t be found in major Search Engines then you are missing out on an opportunity for attracting numerous visitors to your site. Our Search Engine Optimisation service has helped many business web sites to achieve success, you can find examples of our current Search Engine Optimisation customers below.

Example Case Studies

We provide Search Engine Optimisation to companies from a diverse range of industries, you will find below some examples of our current customers and their achieved position in Google. Please note that on occasion Google will drop a page from a set of results for a short period of time. If you can not see a site in the position we claim please check again tomorrow or contact us.

More examples are available if required, please contact us for details.

ITM Business Solutions

ITM Business Solutions provide a range of IT Services including printer spares and second user hardware. Through Search Engine Optimisation provided by us their site is currently ranked number one for “printer spares” and second for “second user hardware”.

David Hulme Machinery

David Hulme Machinery provide used printing equipment and machinery to a worldwide market. Through Search Engine Optimisation provided by us their site is currently ranked number one for “used printing machinery” and number three for “used printing equipment”.

Regional Search Engine Optimisation

There are many regional Search Engine sites across the world. If you have an interest in targeting a specific country then we will be happy to develop a Search Engine Optimisation campaign for your choice of country. In many cases this can also include developing a site in a language other than English, through our carefully chosen partners we will provide accurate translation of your current site coupled with our Search Engine Optimisation skills in order to help you reach your desired market.

Google Regional Sites

World Wide Search Engines

There are many Search Engine and Directories around the world. Below you will find the most popular ones.

Further Information

We are available to discuss your Search Engine Optimisation requirements and advise you of how we can help. Please see ways of contacting us or complete our free consultation form.