Usability Testing


The web offers many choices to users; your competitor’s sites are just a click away. If users can’t find what they’re looking for on your web site they will take their business elsewhere.

Usability addresses the issue of creating a web site that functions in the way users expect it to. Through knowledge of usability engineering many issues can be identified and addressed. However for optimum usability, testing is necessary.

Usability testing involves observing individual users as they interact with your web site and attempt to perform specific tasks. Once a set of results from a number of users has been gathered (usually 10 or more) the issues can be identified and prioritised before choosing the appropriate course of action.

The course of action taken after identifying the issues will depend on the severity. Minor issues can usually be dealt with by tweaking the design, however major issues will often necessitate a full re-design of the web site.

Service Levels

The following levels of testing are available:

The issues addressed include:

  • Homepage design,
  • Page design,
  • Navigation design,
  • Information structure,
  • Browser compatibility,
  • Look and feel consistency,
  • Secondary navigation options,
  • Internet search engine placement and
  • Off-line contact options.

Free Consultation

If you are interested in our Usability Testing services we offer a Free Usability Testing Consultation.