Web Design Philosophy


Many current web sites only work in Internet Explorer on a powerful PC running Windows. Through the use of web design standards web sites are made available to a large diversity of web browsers and Internet devices including:

  • Internet Explorer,
  • Netscape Navigator,
  • Opera,
  • Mobile phones,
  • Personal digital assistants,
  • Speech synthesisers and
  • Braille devices.

For this reason we design all web sites to the current web design standards in order to reach more of your customers.

For more information about Web Design Standards see The Web Standards Project.


The underlying purpose of a web site is that it is to be used by people. Surprisingly, many web sites are designed with other issues in mind such as corporate structure or the designer’s ego. We believe that web sites should be designed for users. We take users needs into account at all stages of the design process.

We also provide a range of Usability Testing Services.

For more information about Web Usability see Jakob Nielsen’s useit.com.


The web is accessible to all. This includes users with disabilities and non-English speaking users. If you target market includes users from either of these groups then comprehensice support can be integrated into your web site.

All sites that we design provide a reasonable level of support for diasabled users through the use of web design standards (above).

For more information about accessible web design see the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

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