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Responsive Web Design and Advanced CSS & HTML

"For a relatively young site, the articles section of MIS Web Design is already showing maturity. This site really does encompass everything a Webmaster or budding Webmaster will need to set up their site, from tips and tricks to how to market your site. These web articles on web design are written by professionals and are free, which gives you even more reasons to visit MIS Web Design!" -- Damian Carvill, Wrox.com (2003)

All, 23rd April 2004, Nigel Peck

Why CSS is good for Google

An overview of why using Cascading Style Sheets will help with your Search Engine Rankings.

All, 8th December 2003, Nigel Peck

Random Content Rotation

A method of displaying random content on a Web page using CSS, that is both Search Engine friendly and accessible.

All, 9th October 2003, Nigel Peck

An Interview with Julie Howell of the RNIB

An interview with Julie Howell of the UK Royal National Institute of the Blind.

Advanced/Experienced, 28th September 2003, Nigel Peck

CSS Positioning Properties

An overview of the CSS Positioning Properties for experienced developers.

All, 11th September 2003, Nigel Peck

Web Design Resources

This article provides short reviews and links to other resources on the Internet that feature information on Web Design, Internet Marketing and Usability. The date above reflects when it was last updated.

Intermediate, 9th September 2003, Nick Kew

mod_accessibility for Apache 2

An introduction to mod_accessibility for Apache 2 from it's author Nick Kew.

All, 2nd April 2003, Nigel Peck

Interview with Bob Regan on Accessibility at Macromedia

Bob Regan is the Accessibility Product Manager at Macromedia, creators of high profile products including Dreamweaver, Flash and Director. I spoke to him recently to see what's happening at Macromedia with regards to Accessibility.

Basic/Beginner, 21st February 2003, Nigel Peck

XHTML Web Design for Beginners Part Two

This article is for those who want to learn Web Design from scratch using the latest version of HTML, XHTML. This article follows on from Part One.

Advanced, 27th January 2003, Mark Pilgrim

Using Relative Font Sizes

An in depth look at how to work around bugs in popular browsers to achieve consistent style with relative font sizes.

Intermediate, 19th January 2003, John Blank, Wankyu Choi, Allan Kent, Ganesh Prasad, Chris Ullman

Understanding Relational Databases

A free sample chapter from Beginning PHP 4 published by Wrox Press.

Intermediate, 4th January 2003, Nigel Peck

XHTML Character References

Three articles detailing the XHTML 1.0 Character References with tests for the numeric and named version of each one.

Basic/Beginner, 28th December 2002, Nigel Peck

XHTML Web Design for Beginners Part One

This article is for those who want to learn Web Design from scratch using the latest version of HTML, XHTML.

Intermediate, 16th December 2002, Manas Tungare

Handy Hints for Web Designers

14 tips for sucessful Web Design. This article is worth reading for Web Designers of all experience levels.

Expert, 9th December 2002, Markus Sobek

Google Dance

In this in-depth article, Markus explains the Google Dance and how it affects your listing in Google.

Intermediate, 23rd November 2002, Nigel Peck

An Introduction To Accessible Web Design

Making your site accessible to all of it's users is essential, but many sites aren't. In this article we introuduce accessible Web Design and the current initiatives to improve the accessibility of Web sites.

Expert, 20th November 2002, Markus Sobek

A Survey Of Google's PageRank

In this in-depth article, Markus explains the inner workings of Googles PageRank system for rating Web pages. Be warned that this is a long article spanning nine pages.

Advanced/Experienced, 16th November 2002, Nigel Peck

Fancy Paragraphs With CSS

Add a touch of style to your text content. We show you how easy it is to apply a little CSS that will spice up your content, and wow your visitors.

Basic/Beginner, 12th November 2002, Nigel Peck

Why You Need Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing often makes the difference between an on-line success and an on-line flop. Find out why.

Basic/Beginner, 5th November 2002, Nigel Peck

Search Engine "Crawling"

What's meant by a Search Engine "crawling" or "spidering" your web site?

Basic/Beginner, 2nd November 2002, Nigel Peck

Web Design Technologies

In this article we introduce the technologies used in Web Design and how they fit together to build effective web sites.

Basic/Beginner, 31st October 2002, Nigel Peck

Google Updates

What's a Google update and how does it affect Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation?